Monday, August 18, 2008

the wiggywigs

i took this picture years ago at downtown seattle where i used to live.
the sign on the door says open when i walked past it during the day,
and says close when i walked past it again on my way home at night.
yet for some reason, the light was never on, even when it was open....
no matter how dark it gets outside.
it always looked dark and dusty.
and i never saw a single person in there.

i always wanted to come inside just for the sake of curiosity, but i never did.
instead, i took this photograph of their display window, which have been used and traced for
a lot of the graphic design jobs i got.

if i ever go back to seattle (yeah right), i hope it will still be there.


1 comment:

binal said...

I really, really this photo.
Sad but colorful. Pretty.