Sunday, August 17, 2008

a splash of hot pink in the workplace

Why give in to cubicles, boxy desks, and unflattering lights when it comes to offices? An office can and should be fun too.

Here is an office that i designed... it was the quirkiest, girliest office i ever worked in. Full of colors and a mix match of old and new furnishings. In the afternoon, sun light floods in through the big windows, giving the room a warm natural light.

Unfortunately the company disbanded in 2007, but the space is still there. And we're turning it into an even more fun spot... you just wait....

most of the furnitures are second hand findings revamped or once belonged to my sweet grandmother, rest her soul.
sofa is a lucky find from a hotel remodelling sale. about 1/3 its original price. bookshelve was from was from a closed down boutique.


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