Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Majestic Playground

Here in Jakarta, lies a little piece of chaotic playground we call Majestic. There's nothing really majestic about our Majestic. Its a pretty big traditional market. But it has all kinds of treasures hidden and buried in its little corners.
From kitschy kitchen wares, miles of beautiful fabrics, to dusty vintage knick knacks piled in the back of a shop.
This photo shows one of the many kiosks that sell sewing supplies inside the market. Each kiosk has their own unique wall of buttons... new shiny colorful buttons... old retro patterned buttons... buttons buttons... i can never resist.


White Tee Project, part 2

This one was a challenge i got from a local magazine called Spice, to customize an oversized White T-Shirt.
I turned it into a dress. That chicken drawing on the bottom part was sort of an act of last minute desperation. Like always, i procrastinated on this project until the day before the deadline. I tried to fancy it up with a couple of red feathers that i 'plucked' off a boa feather syawl.
Overall I think I could have done a better job, but it turned out okay.

White Tee Project, Part 1

I LOVE plain white t-shirts. I love it on men, women, children, babies. I even love them when they're just hung to dry in my back yard. I love them alone and in a bunch. I love them so much I cant help using them for props in the photo session for my next album's cover.
This isnt supposed to be published yet, so lets call it a sneak peak... ;-p

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the idle piano

It stands merely as decoration now.... after enduring years of abandonment hidden in my auntie's garage, being moved from one house to the next, and surviving a thigh high flood that soaked up Jakarta last year, this piano can sing no more. Not in tune at least.

But this beautiful piece is the witness to me and my cousins' dissidence and dilligence during our years of fruitless piano lessons. Speaking for myself, as a little girl i had always managed to avoid piano lessons with every stupid excuses i could think of.
Now i regret it. Really really really regret it.

Now everytime i walk through the living room and see this piano, i feel mocked... as if it is saying "Dont you wish you had taken me seriously back when i sounded beautiful?"