Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Majestic Playground

Here in Jakarta, lies a little piece of chaotic playground we call Majestic. There's nothing really majestic about our Majestic. Its a pretty big traditional market. But it has all kinds of treasures hidden and buried in its little corners.
From kitschy kitchen wares, miles of beautiful fabrics, to dusty vintage knick knacks piled in the back of a shop.
This photo shows one of the many kiosks that sell sewing supplies inside the market. Each kiosk has their own unique wall of buttons... new shiny colorful buttons... old retro patterned buttons... buttons buttons... i can never resist.


1 comment:

Nauli said...

yes, I still don't find the right pattern for my seventies dress. The fabric I found at... Majestic! And I regret pretty much, that I didn't buy all. It's real seventies man, no retro!