Friday, January 2, 2009

the shop is on the way

It's been almost a year since me and my two buddies shali and ika talked about starting our own shop.
The three of us thinks its about time we have a place that supports and distributes the craft works we've been making for years. And other crafters' works as well of course.
We want a feel-good business. Something that gives and gives back.
And so we came up with Bikin Barang, which in Bahasa Indonesia translates to "making stuff". A shop that sells handmade stuff and vintage treasures as well as craft supplies to support the craft movement. Our products will range from plushies to furnitures, knit pillows to screen printed artworks.... everything handmade.

Then we started making plans, having meetings, concepting, calculating.... and then we get distracted.... and we make plans again, have meetings again, we re-concepted, we re-calculated, and then... we get distracted again.

This time we dont let our self get distracted. This past few days, we've been busy decorating the shop. We've contacted fellow crafters and told them the good news we've been waiting to say since the day we came up with this idea "Our shop is opening, would you like to participate?"