Saturday, September 6, 2008

the idle piano

It stands merely as decoration now.... after enduring years of abandonment hidden in my auntie's garage, being moved from one house to the next, and surviving a thigh high flood that soaked up Jakarta last year, this piano can sing no more. Not in tune at least.

But this beautiful piece is the witness to me and my cousins' dissidence and dilligence during our years of fruitless piano lessons. Speaking for myself, as a little girl i had always managed to avoid piano lessons with every stupid excuses i could think of.
Now i regret it. Really really really regret it.

Now everytime i walk through the living room and see this piano, i feel mocked... as if it is saying "Dont you wish you had taken me seriously back when i sounded beautiful?"


1 comment:

Stylopath said...

Still it's sweet to appreciate something after it's initial appeal has deteriorated.
It's a beautiful tribute.