Sunday, August 17, 2008


Jakarta is so big yet it lacks breathing space. The city is cramped with malls, cars, tall buildings, housings and millions of people. We hardly have room to do the things we desire.

Me and my buddies, Shali and Ika tries to accomodate those in need of space in our little multifunction room that we call Bikin Ruang (make space). Wheter you want to do an exhibition, a workshop, a class, a discussion or even film screenings, we're definitely your pal.

Last Friday night, we had the opening of our first event at Bikin Ruang. An exhibition titled, PANGGUNG. It was a work of collaborration between 8 photographers, and two interior cheerleaders (we darenot claim to be interior designers), all with one similar theme...
'the Stage'.

I was responsible for giving the room an atmosphere. So what i did was tried to find an old dressoir and painted it a bright hooker-lipstick red. I made a round mirror with lights around the frame, scatter some make up, masks and a tiara on the table.... and voila, i got a very sexy backstage dressing room feel.

My friend Shali did a mural of a red velvet stage curtain on two wooden boards, that we put up to add depth to the room. I adore them.

As for the photographers' works, they're a show stealer on their own... bravo!


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