Sunday, August 17, 2008

KEDAI cakes

Yeah, i admit i still suck big time in decorating cakes, but i assure you these babies taste goooood. These are the cakes that i make (almost) everyday to sell at KEDAI.
I only use fresh ingredients. Real fresh fruits, non-bleached sugar... sometimes the fruits are freshly picked from a tree in my own backyard.

These ones here are:
1. honey glazed carrot cakes with lemon creamcheese icing
2. almond vanilla cupcakes with strawberry & white chocolate icing
3. vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with peppermint icing
4. vanilla cupcakes with blueberry and creamcheese icing
5. vanilla cupcakes with tangerine and apricot buttercream icing

More flavors to come, but i only bake when in baking mood. That's about 3-4 times randomly a week. If you want to come over to KEDAI for cupcakes, do call first to make sure we're baking that day.... 021-7819945...


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