Monday, August 18, 2008

some things that never got done

in 2004, i attempted to make a portfolio website containing my works in fashion, product design, and photography.
i organized all my works together, did a photoshoot, and designed the layout,,,, but, i couldnt get the website to work.
being a bit of a control freak, i refused to let anyone help me with the god damn programming... so here i am nearly five years later, still not having a website of my own... hahaha...

but well... i still like the grass and cork backgrounds in the layout, which i wouldnt change even if i choose to continue this postponed project. maybe i'll make just minor detail changes, and a lot of addition to the content... because these are clothes that i made/altered/styled in 2004... i have lots more now...

the photographs are taken by Merdeka Adrai, and modeled by Annette and Tania..
photo retouching by Merdeka Adrai, Iman Fattah and me
layout design by me

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