Sunday, August 17, 2008

silly cow laptop

Just dont get me wrong, i love that a lot of people are using Macintosh now. It makes my life so much easier.
But when i bought my first Mac laptop in 2000, i never had to worry about getting it mixed up with someone else's.
Yes, a couple of months ago i actually took home my friend's laptop, thinking it was mine. I boot it up the next morning and boom! A picture of a woman on a beach.... Uh oh, no this is not my laptop.
So right after returning the lost and confused poor thing to its rightful owner, i bought a bunch of sheet stickers on the way home and started to cow-up my laptop.
Now its easier to tell her apart from the other MacBooks.

I have a thing for cow prints, you'll see .......... (just how corny it gets).

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