Saturday, August 23, 2008

oooh yay, whatta saturday!

Its one of those days that I can really call 'a wonderful day'!

I woke up at 7 in the morning, icing 45 cupcakes that a nice lady ordered for her daughter's birthday. Then went back to bed... haha...

Woke up (again) just in time to cook lunch and bake apple crumble for my family. Something that i havent done lately.

Then went with my buddies to the national gallery for an exhibition of some young local artists. Another thing that we rarely do lately. There were some really fabulous artworks there.
Out side the gallery, we accidentally run into a jam session and saw a man with the most magical voice i've heard in a long time.

Then we went to the park, bought little kites- yes kites!!- and flew the kites. Another thing that we rarely do at all.
Kites are fun... kites are so much fun!

Then as our stomachs instructed, we had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. Something that we've never done. Deeeeelicious!
Afterwards, we walked around to explore the neighborbhood, and found this old hat shop. A hat shop. Something you dont see much in Jakarta.

We ended the day at Ika's place a and had a very stimulating conversation about sex. Something that we really should do more often.


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sylvia said...

wow. what a fulfilling way to fill a Saturday in a mall city. Nice to hear that not all Jakartans go to mall day in- day out :D, but instead do something wholesome. right on.