Saturday, September 5, 2009

click click clack

One thing you should always be thankful for is your talented friends. These are some photos of me and my talented boys, photographed by my talented photographer friends.

These ones are by Noorman Wijaksana,the always-smiling guy from next door town, Bandung. The mural of the "Headless Songstress" on the wall was done by my also very talented best friend, Painsugar. All photos taken at Flat Sarijadi, courtesy of Forum Pekerja PTDI Bandung. They're fighting a real cause, so google them if you would and give your support

But along the process, we sadly had to part ways with one of our band members. Leaving the five piece band to only four peeps left. This also mean that we must do another photo shoot for the new formation.
This time, lovely photographer Adnyani Dewi lent a hand (and an eye), and these are her results

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