Friday, September 4, 2009

Whatever it was i did, it was no excuse for abandoning my blog this long.
I have been purrty busy, that is apparent. Have i turned into one of those boring people who doesn't have the time to stop and smell the roses?
Well, yes and no.
Yes... because i haven't been making good use of my fingers and right brain for months. Not a single craft work. Not even little origami or collage.... nothing!
This was my last work, and it was done moooooonths ago.

But... the good news is, I haven't been completely useless. My coffee shop is still buzzing nicely, thank goodness. Although i wish i could have given it more attention than i actually am now. The other good news. My album was finally released last month. I've decided to self-release it this time, meaning i'm not only singing , but also taking care of everything from design, distribution, promotions, and management here and there. Of course i get tremendous help from the band and our friends.
Anyway, the music project is called TIKA & the dissidents and the album is called "the Headless Songstress"
And in case you're wondering, it's doing wonderfully marvelous!
Great reviews, sales are unexpectedly good, and the CD packaging that I designed is getting lots of cool responses.
You see, in replacement of your boring old plastic jewel case (why do they call it 'jewel case' anyway? it's nothing but break-a-lot rectangular plastic).... I went for a fabric pouch instead. I slipped in a scrapbook inside with all the necessary info - lyrics, credits, etc- plus 70 pages of blank sketch paper for the CD buyers to use as they wish.
Of course, the CD is in there too, tucked in the last page of the book inside a nice powder blue envelope.
Here's a picture.

Bottom line, as much as i am ecstatically happy with my music project, I really miss doing all the other things that i love. Crafting, cooking, traveling, and sharing it all right here on this blog.

go to to get more information about "TIKA & the dissidents" and "the Headless Songstress"

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